Wow! Aaron Kai Making Waves in Hong Kong

aaronandtommyWow!  Check out the video of Aaron’s recent tour of Asia captured by video legend David Camarena aka @CamarenaFilms.  Half way through the video, the iconic Tommy Hilfiger himself visits Aaron at his solo art show during the recent Art Basel Hong Kong festival and says to Aaron and others in the gallery that he (Aaron) is very talented.  Tommy Hilfiger went to Aaron’s show to meet him in person!


Aaron was recently on a World Tour of Asia for Official Clothing Company


As a father, I am blown away by this validation and international recognition.  I literally teared up when I first watched the video and had to share this with you.  Thanks for indulging me.  Check it out and see the first installment of the video tour at his website – and follow him on all social media channels – @aaronkkai

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