If I Was the #BigIsleKing, I Would…

What would it be like if you had ultimate power, unlimited funds and final say on everything within your world? Your kingdom? Your Subjects? Your Island?   In this blog series, titled “If I Was the #BigIsleKing, I Would…” I am going to role play and transform myself into the King of the Big Island![…]


#ReadyAimPodcast Episode 006 – Roku Review

  Roku Streaming Player.   In the blink of an eye, TV viewing has changed dramatically and for the better I might add!  The last 12-months has been witness to some of the most sweeping changes in how we are entertained and at long last, we, the viewer is finally in charge and in some[…]


#ReadyAimPodcast Episode 005: Evernote Review

Isn’t it funny that with all the technology that we have available at our fingertips like your iPhone, your iPad or the super slick 13-inch Macbook Pro (sorry…Apple fanboy here > jealous), we still have trouble finding the right productivity tools?  Seriously, it’s not easy at all, with the myriad of choices available to us.[…]


AirBnB – The Only Way To Travel!

It’s summer time and the living’s easy!  As you start to plan out your summer trips, do yourself a favor and check out this option for your accommodations.  Rather than staying in a sterile, over priced hotel or resort, consider renting out a personal residence in the area.  It will not only be a whole[…]


Podcasts Taking Off!

I am in the home stretch of the Podcasting A-Z class with Cliff Ravenscraft of PodcastAnswerMan. I can’t stress enough how excited I am about venturing into the arena of Podcasting!  The future and resurgence of Podcasting was made possible by the advancements of the smartphone (thank you Apple!) and the fact that more and[…]