#ReadyAimPodcast Episode 9: Dollar Shave Club


DollarShaveClub.com – Our Blades are F***ing Great!


I first learned of Dollar Shave Club after coming across their hilarious YouTube video that quickly became a viral sensation – 22.5 million views!  After sharing the video with other friends, I signed up and became a raging fan for this unique yet simple and much needed service.


You see, like most dudes who shave (everybody over the age of puberty!) I constantly found myself aghast at the ridiculously high prices that the giant companies were charging us for razor blades.  At one point, I recall literally asking the clerks at Longs Drugs if the price on the 4-pack Gillette Fusion was real or was it a mistake.  I’m not joking but the price listed for a 4-pack was $18.79!  Almost $5 per blade after tax!  The crappy thing was I wasn’t even sure if I needed the Gillette Fusion replacements, the Gillette Mach 3 or was it the Schick Hydro that I was using?

“I was not brand loyal.  I was just brand confused.” – John the genius!


That’s when I realized that I was not brand loyal.  I was just brand confused and needed a solution to this collusion that the Gillette machine was running on me and my fellow male travelers.


That’s when I got wind of the Dollar Shave Club video and I immediately signed up and haven’t looked back since.  I’ve been a card-carrying member of DollarShaveClub.com since 2012 and love it!  How does the service work?  Simple.


Step 1:  Select a blade style.


  • “The Humble Twin” which is a simple basic razor that is comprised of two stainless steel blades and comes in a 5-pack cartridge.  The Humble Twin will cost you $1.00 per month plus $2.00 shipping & handling.  Each initial order comes with a compatible, ergonomic handle.
  • “The 4X” is the next step up and what I currently use and what most men are using today.  This baby has 4 stainless steel blades, a pivoting ergonomically designed handle and comes in a 4-pack.  The 4X costs $6/month and includes shipping.
  • “The Executive” comes from the future and features 6 stainless steel blades, a special trimming edge and you get 4 cartridges per month for $9 including free shipping.


Step 2:  Enjoy fresh blades each month shipped right to your door.

There are no hidden fees, no commitments, cancel anytime.  Upgrade or downgrade your razor plan anytime and get a new handle FREE.  Adjust the frequency from monthly to every 6 weeks or longer.


Add products to your shipment, including grooming/styling products, shaving products like specially created Shave Butter and post shave lotions.  You can also have delivered the awesome “One Wipe Charlies” which is a life changing way to handle your business.


What can I say, I love Dollar Shave Club and it’s unique service that is just another example of how innovative entrepreneurs are disrupting the old business models.   Carry on and stay sharp, clean and fresh!


Full disclaimer:  Do me a huge solid.  If you do decide to get on the Dollar Shave Club train, then be sure to use my special promo code.  I get a nice referral fee for new members that I send their way.


Please note, that I don’t believe in promoting things willy-nilly.  I need to believe and actually use a product or service and anything that I talk about in this blog, you can be sure that I am using the service or product and would recommend it with or without any incentives.  Your trust is too important to squander for some free blades.
















            • Save money big time!
            • No fees or ongoing commitments.
            • Upgrade or downgrade anytime.
            • New complimentary products are amazing and of good quality.
            • New blades every week? Sign me up!


            • Maximum useful life of each cartridge is about 2 weeks.
            • Not a large brand name like Schick or Gilette.