If I Was the #BigIsleKing, I Would…

What would it be like if you had ultimate power, unlimited funds and final say on everything within your world? Your kingdom? Your Subjects? Your Island?


In this blog series, titled “If I Was the #BigIsleKing, I Would…” I am going to role play and transform myself into the King of the Big Island!  #BigIsleKing and share my ideas and thoughts on how I would reconfigure all of our assets to maximize both it’s ROI – return on investment and it’s ROL – return on lifestyle.


So during this series I will be the…Ruler of All!


From Mauka to Makai. Hilo to Kona. Kohala to Kau. All the mountains, the valleys and the beaches are mine to shape, develop, reconfigure, restrict, share, monetize and give away as I – the King of the Big Island – sees fit.


For this purpose, I will focus on East Hawaii and the areas that I am most familiar with and concentrate on fixing Hilo, Puna, Keaau and the Hamakua Coast.  I’ll drill down and tear apart, destroy and then rebuild things the way the #BigIsleKing proclaims that it should be. Every asset will be put to it’s highest and best use.


You should know that your new #BigIsleKing is an industrialist with an entrepreneurial bent.  Oh, and once I’ve done my job, I will then relinquish all power and turn over the entire new and improved Big Island back to the people of this land.


Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono – The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness!


Shall we begin?  Wait, why am I asking you if you’re ready?  I’m the King and you, dear reader, are my lowly (ahem), I mean loyal subject.

I’m still trying to get use to this being the “King” stuff. Anyway, let’s start with the first order of business. If I Was the #BigIsleKing, I would…#MoveDaAirport