East Hawaii and Hilo FAQ Book

East_Hawaii_FAQ_BookThis is a nice little guide called the East Hawaii FAQ Book, to answer most of the frequently asked questions about living on the East side of the Island of Hawaii.  It’s put out by our local newspaper, the Hawaii Tribune Herald.


Here is a link > East Hawaii FAQ Book


It answers the most asked questions about the Big Island such as:


  • How Big is the Island of Hawaii?
  • What is the total population and what is the breakdown by towns?
  • How much rain does East Hawaii get each year?
  • What time of the year does the Merrie Monarch happen?
  • Information about the numerous natural sites like the Volcano, the waterfalls, rain forest tours, zip line tours, etc.
  • Info about the popular Hilo Farmer’s Market and the other Farmer’s markets that happen all around East Hawaii.
  • Business info and basic living information such as: how to get your utility service started, your cable and internet provider, banking information, etc.


All and all, good stuff.  Very useful and I’m glad I stumbled across it this morning so I could share it with you. You’re welcome!


The Easy Hawaii FAQ Book is chock full of useful information even for a local like me! Click To Tweet


If you have friends or family visiting the Big Island, this is a decent guide to send to them ahead of time to help them get familiar with our beautiful island home.  Do like I did, I saved a PDF copy of East Hawaii FAQ Book to my Evernote account and tagged it “Big Island Guide and FAQ” for future use.  I’m going to start sending this to folks that book our #AkoleaCottage Airbnb as a means of communicating and welcoming them to Hilo!


I think the staff at the Hawaii Tribune Herald did a nice job and it’s full of ads to support the publication, so be sure to visit the advertisers and buy local!