3 Tech Trends to Watch: Internet of Things, The Cloud and Mobile

Technology is moving and improving at a rapid pace and there are definitely some larger trends that small business owners need to take note of and watch.   One of the biggest mistakes I see in our local business community is the fear that small businesses have of embracing newer technology.  These owners are either[…]

Sling Television

#ReadyAimPodcast Episode 003 – Sling TV Review

Welcome back to the Ready, Aim, Podcast show.  A weekly podcast that is all about bringing to you tips, tricks, hacks and reviews of various tools that I’m using either in my business or personal life.  This is always my take on things and you just need to be aware that I may not even[…]

Skype for Business

Skype For Business. Wow!

Microsoft recently announced is vision of Skype for Business in a preview video below.  As reported by the Verge Microsoft’s vision of Skype is loud and clear and just the beginning. From the video you can see the many applications that Skype can usher in a more connected future with Face-to-Face conversations, interviews, discussions, lectures, team[…]

Express Waiters (1)

Express Waiters!

Are you tired of ordering pizza for takeout?  I know I am! For so many years we’ve been limited to production pizza from Pizza Hut or Domino’s. Then along came Big Island Pizza and that was the much needed break from the bland and the mundane pizza pie. Well, no more my friends!  Welcome to[…]