If I Were King of the Big Island, I would…#MoveDaAirport

  Hilo International Airport – aka #ITO My first act as your King is to relocate the airport – #MoveDaAirport.   I would move the airport closer to Puna and more inland. Through my powers of eminent domain and negotiation, I would do a land swap with the Watamull’s, W.H. Shipman Co., Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate[…]


If I Was the #BigIsleKing, I Would…

What would it be like if you had ultimate power, unlimited funds and final say on everything within your world? Your kingdom? Your Subjects? Your Island?   In this blog series, titled “If I Was the #BigIsleKing, I Would…” I am going to role play and transform myself into the King of the Big Island![…]


Hilo – We Got The Goods!

When you take inventory of the key attributes that we have here in Hilo, it is rather amazing.  We have the right infrastructure in place, albeit they are a little outdated and definitely in need of a facelift and upgrade. That aside, we have some good bones!  Take a look: Deep Water Harbor – This definitely[…]

Down Town Dogs - Hilo

Downtown Dogs

I’ve passed by the storefront located on 157 Keawe Street in downtown Hilo on many occasions.  I’d do a slow drive-by and try to peek through the windows to get a sense of what’s up and what goes on in there. Well, I don’t know what took me so long but I finally contacted them[…]

Express Waiters (1)

Express Waiters!

Are you tired of ordering pizza for takeout?  I know I am! For so many years we’ve been limited to production pizza from Pizza Hut or Domino’s. Then along came Big Island Pizza and that was the much needed break from the bland and the mundane pizza pie. Well, no more my friends!  Welcome to[…]