Gratitude is My Attitude!

Sometimes, I just want to have the life of a dog.  Like the puppy in this picture. Look at him! No stress, no goals, no worries, no ego.  Just be and be free.  Look how happy this little guy is! 2016 is quickly coming to a close and all of the major holidays are right[…]


East Hawaii and Hilo FAQ Book

This is a nice little guide called the East Hawaii FAQ Book, to answer most of the frequently asked questions about living on the East side of the Island of Hawaii.  It’s put out by our local newspaper, the Hawaii Tribune Herald.   Here is a link > East Hawaii FAQ Book   It answers[…]


#ReadyAimPodcast Episode 9: Dollar Shave Club – Our Blades are F***ing Great!   I first learned of Dollar Shave Club after coming across their hilarious YouTube video that quickly became a viral sensation – 22.5 million views!  After sharing the video with other friends, I signed up and became a raging fan for this unique yet simple and much[…]

Merry Monarch accommodations in Hilo

Charming Hilo Cottage Hilo, HI, United States Located on Akolea Road in Upcountry Hilo and only minutes from downtown. This spacious cottage is the perfect home base for your Big Island adventures. Take in the views of Hilo bay from a large … Vacation Rentals in Hilo

JKAI 2012 (1)

My Sleep Apnea Story, Part 2: You Down With UPPP?

In Part 1 of My Sleep Apnea Story, I covered the process of getting diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and the various treatment option paths that I went down in my effort to alleviate my symptoms in a quest to improve the quality of my sleep.   After unsuccessfully using the CPAP mask, the mouthguard[…]

JKAI 2012 (1)

My Sleep Apnea Story, Part 1: Diagnosis and Options

I recently went under the knife to take care of a lingering health issue that I’ve been battling for a number of years. The procedure is called an Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty or as it’s more commonly referred to, a UPPP.  The UPPP procedure is done in conjunction with a tonsillectomy, which is the surgical removal of the tonsils,[…]


Wow! Aaron Kai Making Waves in Hong Kong

Wow!  Check out the video of Aaron’s recent tour of Asia captured by video legend David Camarena aka @CamarenaFilms.  Half way through the video, the iconic Tommy Hilfiger himself visits Aaron at his solo art show during the recent Art Basel Hong Kong festival and says to Aaron and others in the gallery that he[…]


3 Tech Trends to Watch: Internet of Things, The Cloud and Mobile

Technology is moving and improving at a rapid pace and there are definitely some larger trends that small business owners need to take note of and watch.   One of the biggest mistakes I see in our local business community is the fear that small businesses have of embracing newer technology.  These owners are either[…]

#ReadyAimPodcast Episode 8: The Freelance Economy

The American dream has always been about independence and financial freedom.  The freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you do it and with who you do it with.  Of course having financial independence is a must and certainly makes your experiences that much more enjoyable.   In celebration of National Small[…]

If I Were King of the Big Island, I would…#MoveDaAirport

  Hilo International Airport – aka #ITO My first act as your King is to relocate the airport – #MoveDaAirport.   I would move the airport closer to Puna and more inland. Through my powers of eminent domain and negotiation, I would do a land swap with the Watamull’s, W.H. Shipman Co., Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate[…]